Alice nel mare delle meraviglie

The love for that stretch of beach below Monte Ardizio, the love for all nature, the desire to tell the story of apparently meaningless places, are the engine of this project. The Polaroid image is the medium that returns visions where the color of the sky, the sea, the sand, realistically immortalizes an atmosphere that changes continuously depending on the time and season in the year. It is precisely through the passing of the seasons that the photographic project is outlined and takes shape. The vegetation, shrubs, flowers that grow further down the Pesaro shoreline, in that area known as Sottomonte, strike the eye and capture the mind. The same places, the same subjects, a different light at each hour, the colors that change cyclically are photographed and re-photographed, in the absolute fascination of a nature to be protected for its uniqueness, unique as the image that comes from the Polaroid shot to remain a single and unrepeatable work. A work that made me feel in touch with nature, immersed in an identification process that expresses regeneration and freedom. Fragments, instants that seem a caress.

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