She holds a law degree and loves her work in the legal field, she is also a Justice of the Peace. At the same time she developed a parallel artistic path, attending Luigi Carboni’s course of painting and contemporary art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino, in 2010 obtaining a degree with a thesis on “Interactions between dance and visual arts” followed by a master’s degree in 2012. She prefers photography as a medium, for its expressive immediacy and for the numerous possibilities of technical / artistic elaboration that the instrument allows, favouring the mix between scenic photography and documentary photography. In recent years she has set up photographic projects with the title “Circus Days” and “Madame Eve”, the first resulting from three years in contact with various circus companies throughout Italy and the second inspired by the stories contained in Clarissa Pinkola Estes’s book “Women who run with wolves”. In 2011 she attended the training course for exhibition curators held by Ludovico Pratesi at the Pescheria Visual Arts Center in Pesaro, in 2013 in Mexico she participated in a workshop held by the American photographer Mary Ellen Mark focusing on the theme of Danzòn. In 2014 in London, at Sotheby’s Auction House (Institute of Art) she attended the bimonthly course on Photography and the art market with a final essay on the types of curatorship of photographic exhibitions in London’s East End galleries. In 2015 she was at the workshop on the contradictions of the city of Palermo, held by the photographer Shobha Battaglia. A series of personal projects followed, including “Alice in the sea of wonders. A look of love on nature “, coordinated by the journalist and art critic Cecilia Casadei, another project concerned the theme of interaction between photography and writing, and others linked to the theme of the body as an ideal geographical map and one to the concept of soundscape, based on the idea of the environment as an essential container of our experience, an “existential” and uncontaminated place.


2019 Dal sentiero alla bruma (From the path to the mist), Iustitia Fluctuans installation, Pesaro State Archive in collaboration with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage
2018 Alice nel Mare delle Meraviglie (Alice in the sea of wonders), Palazzo Comunale of Pesaro in collaboration with the Department of the Environment
2013 Ten days in Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico, Manuel Alvarez Bravo Photo Center
2013 Gente e Luoghi (People and Places), Rimini, City Museum, by the Central of Photography
2012 Academy Pride, National Arts Award, Photography section, Albertina Academy, Turin
2012 Open spaces, Pesaro, Galleria della Pergola – Galleria Zuccadesign
2012 Random, Sale del Castellare, Ducal Palace of Urbino, curated by Luigi Carboni
2011 Segnali di Scultura (Signs of Sculpture), Castello di Frontone (PU) edited by Giancarlo Lepore, Pino Mascia, Angela Sanna
2010 Il gusto e lo stile (Taste and Style), Peano Foundation, Cuneo, curated by Attilia Peano
2010 Caleidoscopio, Sale del Castellare, Ducal Palace of Urbino, Urbino (PU), curated by Luigi Carboni – Academy of Fine Arts of Urbino
2008 Out of Range, Castello di Frontone, Frontone (PU), curated by Umberto Cavenago

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