Circus Days

In this photographic work I wanted women were my focus, I wanted to put the women of circus at the center of my gaze. The circus is apparently a closed world, separate from everything else, made up of its own rules. It is a life philosophy, a choice of thought and essence. In circus community the role of women is very strong and decisive. There are many women working in circuses and they seem to take the stage even outside the show. The energy, passion and sensuality that they give off cannot leave you indifferent. The circus can be loved or hated but it is certainly a place that creates ecstasy and illusion. In the circus, women of all ages live together, mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers, friends, sometimes even enemies, with their omnipresent animals; dogs, cats, parrots, iguanas, snakes. This trip inside the circus world lasted about three years and tells images of everyday life, from training to performance, from the dressing room to the scene. I tried to tell, on the one hand the retro charm of the tent installed in the summer sun between animals, cotton candy and sparkling costumes, on the other the hard training, the habit of a body forged since childhood to fly one day high, the ability to use every inch of your body for pleasure and for striking. During one of my many photographic sessions a girl from a circus said to me: “the body is only a medium, on the strengths and weaknesses disappear and you are only what you express”. Today as in the past, the women of circus live their world with determination: they are artists, craftsmen and entrepreneurs relentlessly, they design and sew their stage clothes, tireless and proud queens in the constant search for a combination of tradition and modernity, to keep alive a ritual made of dreams and passion that finds its continuity in their daily lives.

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