Iustitia Fluctuans

Le boudoir de la Deesse

The Iustitia Fluctuans project was exhibited in form of an installation within the collective exhibition of four artists entitled “Dal sentiero alla bruma” which investigated the theme of the relationship between art and justice. The exhibition was inaugurated in October 2019 at the State Archives of Pesaro.

The installation consists of a central wall in which two images of Lady Justice are positioned. The larger picture and the one below represent an interpretation of the Blindfolded Goddess and symbols, while, on the side walls, little wooden tables covered with photographs, printed on legal code paper, depict a person intent on studying. The images are contained inside a room, which is accessed through a frilly curtain, and which contains other ironic and allusive references to symbols of Justice, such as objects that the Blindfolded Goddess would use daily.

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