Madame Eve

….one night there’s a heartbeat at the door. Outside, a woman in the fog, with air of twigs and dress of weed, dripping green lake water. She says “I am you, and I traveled a long distance. Come with me, there is something I must show you..” She turns to go, her cloak falls open, Suddenly, golden light everywhere, golden light

from Women who run with wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Madame Eve is a work in progress that contains a series of portraits of research and study on the female identity. Reality and fiction, archetypes and real life all come together. Different typologies of the feminine are outlined in a few symbols, beings in search of their own identity, of their healing, of their affirmation. Eva, the first woman, is stripped of the mere concept of sensuality to suggest a body within the mysterious, between shades and chiaroscuro that are irreconcilable only in appearance. The two Madame Eves who open the series indicate the completeness and power of the female being, then there are the crocodile woman, the lost mermaid, a raft adrift in the constant search for balance, and also the solidarity, the dream, elusiveness, and Vanitas. Through citations and references, from De Chirico to circus symbolism, from Latin culture to the iconography of the early years of the last century, each woman tells a story, her own story, which, in a few strokes, is narrated in the artist’s book .Three of the sixteen images which are part of the project are shown below

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